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COVID-19 is short for Coronavirus Disease 2019. It is now considered a global pandemic. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is on people’s minds, and we are repeatedly asked for our perspective on what to do to prevent it. Please see the attached Corona Virus prevention sheet.

Here is an update on our office and our current recommendations.

First, we are remaining open to serve our patients with our normal business hours. We suggest you keep your appointments to help you stay as healthy as you can be.

We at Cater Chiropractic have sanitation measures at our office for your safety as well as our office personnel. Attention to sanitation is at the highest level ever at Cater Chiropractic. The doctors and staff use hand sanitation spray before and after any contact with patients. We have shaken many hands over the years and now for safety reasons, we are avoiding that tradition. We ask all patients to use hand sanitation upon entering our office and after receiving treatment.

We concur with the experts that “Social Distancing” is necessary to help resolve the Corona Virus crisis. We ask everyone to avoid large crowds and contact with other people to the best of your ability.

Your immune system works as a well-organized team to protect you from infections. When it detects potentially dangerous bacteria or viruses, such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), your immune system unleashes a powerful army to destroy what could potentially harm your body. At least that’s how things should work. Numerous things can impede your immune system, inhibiting its ability to fight the
coronavirus and other threats. A weak immune system can’t effectively fight bacteria, viruses and toxins. As a result, you become increasingly susceptible to infections.

Below are some of our recommendations to help strengthen your immune system.


These nine strategies will keep your immune system healthy to prevent viruses and other infections and also prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

1. Eat well. A strong immune system starts with what you put on the end of your fork. Ask for the Cater
Chiropractic diet/nutritional recommendations sheet.
2. Exercise. Moderate amounts of exercise can support your immune system.
3. Manage stress. Too much stress weakens your immune system.
4. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of clean, filtered water throughout your day.
5.Minimize environmental toxins.
Buy organic foods whenever possible.
6. Get good sleep. Work on getting more sleep than you normally would get.
7. Visit Cater Chiropractic or your chiropractor. Research shows that even a single chiropractic adjustment can positively benefit your immune system.
8. Do not come in for chiropractic care if you are sick or feeling ill.
9. Get the right nutrients. Talk with us at Cater Chiropractic to learn about very powerful nutrients to strengthen your immune system and fight off infections. These are the same nutrients we personally take every day during this season.

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